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PC Configuration & troubleshooting

Perform installation, configuration, and upgrading of microcomputer/ computer: Hardware and software requirement, Assemble/setup microcomputer/ computer systems, accessory boards, types of motherboards, selection of right motherboard, Installation &replacement of motherboard, troubleshooting problems with memory.

Hardware Networking

Networking hardware, also known as network equipment or computer networking devices, are electronic devices which are required for communication and interaction between devices on a computer network. Specifically, they mediate data transmission in a computer network.

aws amazon web services

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of Amazon providing on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis.

server administrator

Server Administrator

A server administrator configures and maintains servers and makes sure IT infrastructure runs smoothly in the following ways: Creates new user accounts, recovers lost passwords and keeps data secure. Develops and implements network maintenance standard operating procedures.